We ensure that your batteries are reliable and profitable

Our Team

We are a team of battery experts, award winning data scientists, and technical experts from the electric vehicle industry, driven by a shared purpose to accelerate electrification.

Our Vision

To pave the road to net zero for automotive transportation

Our Mission

To make EV business profitable faster

The values that drive everything we do

We listen to your problems

We understand that every EV Business has their own unique challenge - there is no one size that fits all. Our design principles allow products to blend easily with your specific business need.

We empower you

Our core philosophy is to make you more aware about your assets to help you take correct business decisions. We make sure information is shaped appropriately to be consumable by customers.

Data driven mind set

Data is the new Oil (Electricity for you and me!). At Coulomb, we attune our customers to inculcate data driven business making and help them collect it so as to extract most value out of it.

Climate centric

We are on the verge of climate catastrophe and everyone in the planet has a role to play – be it a business or individual. We help you to reduce carbon footprint while you get profited.