High performance batteries and longer operating life

Our proven analytics software for electric vehicles and batteries can increase your bottom line, reduce battery-related failures, and extend its lifetime use.

Fewer battery driven failures

Extended battery

Lower operating

Better second life application

We deliver value across
Battery Lifecycle


Reduce testing time and reach market faster


Optimize battery performance & reduce TCO

Second Life

Best value for remaining useful life & reduce carbon footprint

Our Products

Battery Analytics

Diagnostic analysis of battery issues

Get real time analytics of battery performance & condition

Predictive analytics to avoid battery failures

Understand battery aging

EV Fleet Analytics

Save on operation cost

Realtime & predictive analytics around vehicle & battery condition

Predict and optimize EV holding expenditure

Assess environmental benefits metrics

EV Feasibility Assessment

Right vehicles (Make & Model) suitable for your job requirement

Optimize EV operation cost

Precise TCO calculation

Emissions reduction & eligibility for grants & incentives


Supreme performance. It is really that simple

Coulomb AI offers holistic analytical software to optimize battery efficiency, performance, and life-cycle.

Near immediate cost reduction

Our predictive analytics software reduces your operating costs by at least 25%.

Precision at its finest

Our software breaks down your logistics plan to the smallest detail and signals electric vehicle's available feasibility.

Fourfold improvement in planning outlays

Our battery management software gives you the time to plan for any financial outlays and improve the current budget.

Increase productivity by 20%

Coulomb AI's battery management software uses efficient algorithms to reduce failures caused by batteries by minimum of 20%.

Increased lifecycle by 30%

Through a combination of prediction and optimization, our battery analytics software increases battery lifetime by 30%.

Road To Net Zero

As the world adapts to green energy, Coulomb AI stays dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and believes in 100% transparency in providing residual values