Battery Observability Platform


Gain the Power to Optimize your Batteries


Take Full Advantage of Your

Streaming Battery Data

Unified Analytics Platform for all your Electric Vehicle Data

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Data Centric AI approach to solve battery challenges
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Battle-tested Reliability

Our cloud-based systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are highly scalable, in addition to maintaining all data privacy & security compliance

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Intelligent Optimizations

Our machine learning models trained on billions of data points provide a precise prediction of battery parameters required to optimize performance

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Investment Planning

Battery lifecycle data reporting of your entire battery fleet clearly indicates replacement cost savings & warranty claims

Something's wrong? Get notified instantly

Set smart alerts that adapt to the behaviour of your batteries with dynamic thresholds. Adjust the sensitivity of anomaly detection and add custom thresholds to keep operational safety in check. Prevent unexpected shutdowns by getting proactive alerts for rare battery defects before it becomes a fire hazard

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Operational Excellence
Faster Root Cause Analysis

Easily navigate from high-level analytics to cell-level details and quickly spot the root cause of any battery-related problem from BMS malfunction, Field Issue, or third-party data issue. Also, estimate its potential impact on overall fleet performance & revenue

Predictive Analytics
Get Precise Battery Lifecycle Analysis

Digital twin of each battery in your fleet provides transparency in the current usage patterns and remaining useful life. This provides the ability to assess the financial risk of each battery and hold a better TCO by discarding appropriate second life applications seamlessly at the right time

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Long Live Batteries! 

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